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Saturday, 29 January 2011

EQC suburban geotechnical report - general

While we wait for our local reports it is interesting to look at one for a different location to see what information is provided.

As you read, keep in mind that there will be two reports for each suburb. The first (this series) is a technical report which will outline the data gathered for each area. The second, some time off yet, will be an interpretation/explanation of what the technical stuff means.

The Tai Tapu report (you can get it here) starts off with an introduction that describes its applicability (only for Sep. 4 earthquake purposes) and limitations (released for general information, should only be used for design purposes by those suitably qualified, only useful in the Sep. 4 earthquake context).

The report is divided into the following parts:

   1. Introduction

   2. Project background

   3. Site description
        3.1 General
        3.2 Regional geology

   4. Geotechnical investigations
        4.1 General
        4.2 Cone penetration testing (CPT)
        4.3 Machine boreholes
        4.4 Geophysical testing

   5. Groundwater observations

   6. Laboratory testing

   7. Environment Canterbury information

   8. References

    Appendix A: Investigation Location Plans (PDF 3,200KB)
    Appendix B: Cone Penetration Testing (PDF 2,290KB)
    Appendix C: Environment Canterbury Boreholes (PDF 1,370KB)

Even before you get to the end the conclusion is formed that the document isn't too much use to the average homeowner. Sections 1 - 7 are reasonably general, discussing who did what, and how. The appendices (different numbers and types depending on the locality) are highly technical and, again, not much use to the average homeowner.

We will need to wait for the interpretive reports, due a few weeks after these technical reports, to get any idea of what this data means for us.

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