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Saturday, 22 January 2011

EQC - Chimney damage programme

EQC, in their 21 January EQC Claims Info update have said they are accelerating the chimney replacement programme:
Chimney damage programme
We are currently accelerating chimney damage assessments with the goal of having as many as possible repaired or replaced before winter. EQC is doing the assessments for this with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and Fletcher Construction coordinating the installation of clean heating systems and associated repairs.
The chimney programme gives homeowners with significant or major chimney damage the option of replacing their open fire with a choice of an efficient, clean heating system such as a log burner, gas fire, wood pellet burner or heat pump.
EQC has received over 30,000 claims for chimney and fireplace damage and assessments have been prioritised for these claims. If you haven’t already, you should expect to see an EQC assessor in the next month or so.
Of the 30,000, we have assessed around 16,000 and around 4,000 of these had damage sufficient for them to be referred to EECA. We estimate that this total will grow to about 9,000.
EQC, Fletcher Construction and EECA are coordinating efforts to ensure the most in need get heating prior to winter – especially the elderly, those with young children or those that suffer from ailments that make it difficult in winter without heating. Those who have lost their primary heater due to earthquake damage will also be prioritised. These claims will be a key focus of our efforts over the next three to four months. If you feel that your claim needs to be dealt with as a priority case then you can email with details of your situation and you will be contacted.
Please note that those further down the priority list will also be eligible for heating, and your home repairs will be undertaken in due course.
The whole of the information update can be found here.

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