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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Coffee Under the Red Verandah

A couple of days ago an e-mail arrived from Natalie Absalom, EQR/Fletcher Construction community liaison officer for Avonside (and the rest of the Hagley/Ferrymead area). She had come across the blog and wanted to have a chat.

Chat we did, over a coffee, for an hour yesterday morning at Under the Red Verandah, on Worcester Street. Natalie is keen to be in touch with what is going on, what folk want to know, and to meet those who are in her area. With that in mind she will, if she can, come to our next barbecue (which isn't too far away, maybe a week or ten days). I think this augers well for those who end up on Fletchers books.

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  1. Thank you Lawrence for your introduction. I am, indeed, looking forward to meeting with you all. I intend to be well resourced with information for any burning questions anyone may have. Any sticky, multi-layered and/or complex questions welcome but please be mindful this may involved me having to some research before furnishing an answer.


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