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Monday, 17 January 2011

CCC - Infrastructure rebuild

The following is an extract from the mayor's earthquake update released on Friday. It covers, in full, what has been done, and what is intended to be done shortly. Like us, the council is awaiting the third Tonkin & Taylor geotechnical report to know what needs to be done in various suburbs. The full update can be found here.

An important development is the desire of the council to be in charge of the overall land remediation process. It is not clear whether this desire extends to wanting to be involved in land remediation on private property.

The Council is eagerly awaiting EQC’s land remediation plans and has put up its hand to co-ordinate the process within the Christchurch City Council area.
“Logically the Council is best placed to oversee the remediation,” Mr Parker said.
This would enable the Council to closely co-ordinate land remediation with rebuilding of its own infrastructure.
The Council has established an Infrastructure Rebuild Management Office, headed by Rod Cameron. Contractors have been appointed to manage the rebuilding of the Council infrastructure, and design work is already underway.
Temporary and permanent repairs have already been completed in some areas. These include:
  • 4 siphons that go under the Avon River have been repaired
  • repairs have been done to half of the roof of the Denton reservoir tank
  • to reservoir tanks at Cracroft have had repairs to roof structures
  • 4.7 km of water mains has been replaced - mainly in the Avonside/Dallington area
  • 1.8 km of sub mains has been replaced - mainly in the Avonside/Dallington area
Other work underway now includes:
  • harbour and marine structure repairs
  • boat ramp repairs
  • irrigation repairs (Bexley and Halswell)
  • structures repairs – fences and retaining walls
  • bank repairs – Roto Kohatu
  • rock fall repairs – at Castle Rock and Naval Point
  • track repairs – Spencer Park, the Groynes, Halswell Quarry, Coastal Cliff Reserve, Corsair Bay, Cracroft, Castle Rock
  • car parks/driveway repairs
Work about to start includes:
  • Heyders Road, Spencerville, replacement of sewer pipes
  • Halswell Junction Road, replacement of sewer pipes