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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Advocacy help in dealing with EQC, insurance companies and councils - Part 1

The front page of this morning's Press has an interesting article on issues relating to EQC, insurance companies and claimants. Basically, when disputes arise between either EQC or an insurance company and a claimant, or involving all three parties, nothing productive happens. Discussions lead nowhere and there is nowhere for claimants to take their problems for assistance in resolving them. The cases of an Avonside and a Dallington couple are described.

CanCERN are quoted as suggesting an independent advocacy service would be the best approach. EQC chief executive Ian Simpson feel this would be unhelpful, being just another organisational layer. Mayor Bob Parker is of the view that another service is not needed. A spokesman for the Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee has said an advocacy service was being considered. Tacked on to the end of the article is the sentence: "Claimants can contact The Insurance & Savings Ombudsman".

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