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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

AA Insurance - information for claimants (good stuff for others too)

AA Insurance have appointed MWH Mainzeal to conduct their repairs and rebuilding programme.

AA have a very full and informative questions and answers page for their policy holders. Even those of us who do not have an AA policy are likely to find the material interesting, and there may be points worth raising with our own insurers.

The following is a list of some of the headings and questions covered by AA. A few of the answers are short on specifics but are a start. The page can be found here.

    • There are two key options for you to consider:
      1.    repair/rebuild your existing home, or
      2.    request a cash settlement.
    • Can I rebuild somewhere else?
    • What if my land needs to be fixed first?
    • Can I make temporary repairs to my house?
    • Cash settlements
    • When do I have to decide what I want to do?  
    • Who will be repairing/rebuilding my home?
    • What will happen to the money I received from the EQC?
    • Will my house need to be demolished/rebuilt from scratch?
    • Can we use our own builder to conduct the repairs to our house?
    • What is the expected timeframe for repairs to our house?
    • When can the drive/wall/fence/path (non EQC damage) be repaired?
    • Will an engineer inspect my house?
    • Will I need building consents?
    • Can I alter or improve my house during the repairs or rebuild of it?
    • When repairs to my house are completed, will it be the same as before the earthquake?
    • What if I own land that is unsuitable for reinstatement?
    • How long is the land remediation going to take?
    • Will my house have to be demolished so my land can be fixed?
    • Who pays for temporary accommodation?
    • What do I do about temporary accommodation after 12 months if my home still isn't repaired or rebuilt?
    • The EQC have told me I'm in 'Zone A' but I have damage to my land, what do I do?
    • Do I still need to keep paying my premium?

You can go to the page from here.

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