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Monday, July 30, 2012

The plan for a new central city

Lots of information has been released on the design for the new CBD. Here are a few links to both general and specific information from the main players. Click on the topic name to open it in another tab or window.

Media releases

Impressive projects anchor a compact, green city (Ministerial release)

Striking a balance between between investment and community (Mayor)

Fancy stuff with pictures

The Plan for a new central city (Christchurch Central Development Unit or CCDU)

Introducing the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan (Video – CCDU)

This is what we will build (CCDU)

The Plan

A copy can be downloaded from here.

Finance and investment

New unit will facilitate CBD investment (Ministerial release)

Property acquisition

Discussion to begin on securing city land (Ministerial release)


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