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Friday, June 1, 2012

Earthquake Recovery Strategy released

CERA have made the Christchurch earthquake Recovery Strategy available on their website here.

There will be public “engagement opportunities”, which are set out here.

From the CERA website:

The Recovery Strategy provides a vision, goals and a road map for ensuring the success of greater Christchurch for recovery and future leadership in earthquake resilience.

The Recovery Strategy Vision is:

Greater Christchurch recovers and progresses as a place to be proud of an attractive and vibrant place to live, work, visit and invest - mō tātou, ā, mō kāuri ā muri ake nei - for us and our children after us.

The community is at the heart of the vision and the success of recovery.

As far as community engagement is concerned, this is CERA’s commitment to the process:

CERA considers ongoing engagement is required to successfully implement the Recovery Strategy.

CERA’s Community Engagement Strategy [PDF 65KB] is a commitment to work transparently and inclusively. It commits CERA to the following when involving communities in the development of programmes and plans for recovery:

  • inclusivity – seeking out the voices of those that might otherwise not be heard, recognising that communities have diverse needs;
  • integrity – engaging with communities in honest, consistent and responsible ways;
  • building good relationships and earning respect – recognising that this requires time, attention and trust;
  • communicating in an honest, sensitive and timely fashion – recognising that people need access to information that can help them make decisions for their futures; and
  • clarity and accountability – so that everyone knows who is making the final decision and how much influence people and communities can have on the decisions that need to be made to rebuild and revitalise Canterbury.

How community engagement is undertaken during the development of the recovery programmes and plans will vary depending on the nature of, and those involved in, the issues being addressed.

In line with the International Association for Public Participation spectrum of public participation [PDF 228KB], CERA's community engagement framework [PDF 228KB] uses different tools such as website information, written submissions, public meetings, stakeholder workshops and community forums.

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