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Monday, April 23, 2012

Fletcher/EQR - Customer services statement

Fletcher/EQR have placed a Customer Services Statement on their website. The document, dated the 10th of April 2012, outlines the policy of the company with regard to the repairs they will be responsible for, on behalf of EQC.

The gist of the one page document is:
What you can expect from Fletcher EQR:
  1. Project management of high quality repairs, undertaken by independent contractors, who have completed our accreditation process;
  2. Quality assurance to ensure works and materials meet required standards;
  3. Compliance with the building codes and consenting requirements, and obtaining code compliance certificates for the work where applicable; 
  4. Programming contractors, consultants and other procurement to complete repairs in a timely fashion;
  5. Paying contractors, suppliers and consultants on behalf of EQC;
  6. Screen contractors and suppliers to ensure quality standards can be met;
  7. Obtain expert advice, where required, from engineers, architects, designers and other consultants;
  8. Provide the opportunity to comment on all aspects of our service by contacting us at any time;
  9. Prompt, helpful and friendly response to telephone and e-mail enquiries, normally within two working days;
  10. Provide regular news updates on our website to keep you informed of all our latest guidance in all areas;
  11. Make an initial response to complaints within one working day.
It is interesting to see, in points 9 and 11, that time standards are set for responding to enquiries and especially complaints. I wonder what the internal accountability systems are for meeting these are?

Point 8 seems the closest they can come to discussing what customers want - which may fall short of being able to agree on a range of things from materials to methods. Always in the background is the need for a mutually convenient time for repairs to take place. The various things that happen in families, and the difficulties of finding accommodation if you have a big family, or animals or whatever, means the practice of "be out in week or go to the bottom of the pile" needs to be tackled.

The Customer Services Statement, and other policy statements, can be found here.

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