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Monday, April 23, 2012

Fletcher EQR - Customer Complaints Policy

Fletcher/EQR have also put their Customer Complaints Policy on the website. Dated the 10th of April 2012, it is a short statement of the principles involved.

At this stage it lacks detail on aspects that may become very important at the time e.g. if the complaint relates to quality of materials, choice of technology or method, or workmanship, will work stop on the house until the complaint is resolved?

If the answer is no, then a couple of days activity may hide the evidence, or have allowed work to progress so far that there is widespread reluctance to undo what has been done and start again.

The customer's right to seek independent advice or assistance (see below) may also run into the same problems of continued activity hiding the problem or progressing beyond some point of economic no-return. The customer may be faced by aggressive opposition by sub-contractors (or sub-sub-contractors) outside EQR's direct control. How will this be handled if EQR have no direct relationship with the business that is the focus of the problem? How fast can EQR respond to complaints?

Should a customer pursue the option of advice or assistance, what stance will EQR take on the advice obtained? If there is a difference of opinion between EQR and the independent advice, who will be the independent adjudicator and can they make a binding decision?

Some guidance is needed for customers as to the independent advice and assistance that is available, not just professionals in the field but also to the Christchurch City Council regarding compliance (if it is thought to be non-compliant), the Department of Building and Housing, and EQC if it is considered there is a breach of the customer's entitlements under the EQC Act.

From the policy statement (full document here).
Your rights as a Fletcher EQR customer
You have the right:
  • To be treated with courtesy, respect and fairness at all times.
  • To have access to information about your repair.
  • To provide feedback or raise a complaint if you are unhappy about the service provided.
  • To seek independent advice or assistance if you are not satisfied with Fletcher EQR’s resolution of your complaint.

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