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Friday, April 13, 2012

EQC- update to the FAQ on TC3 land

EQC have updated their FAQ on Green/Blue TC3 land (here).

A new introduction has been added, along with a diagram of how the land claims process for TC3 operates, and clarification of what land remediation does and doesn't involve.

An important piece of information is in the new section, Remediating your land, following immediately after the diagram.
"Buildings in TC3 that have badly damaged foundations will be repaired or rebuilt to Department of Building and Housing recommended standards, which are designed to ensure it will stand up better to future events. That work is covered under the building claim."
This establishes the DBH guidelines (as yet unpublished) as the mandatory baseline for the TC3 repairs undertaken by Fletcher/EQR. What remains to be seen is whether the DBH guidelines come close to restoring properties to their condition prior to the earthquakes.

There is an earlier post on the DBH guidelines as they affect TC1 and TC2 repairs here.

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