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Thursday, January 12, 2012

CERA survey on what people want from the rebuilt city centre

CERA are conducting an on-line Christchurch Central City Commercial Property Study of what is needed for the rebuilt city centre.

From the CERA website:
CERA is undertaking an in-depth survey to find out what property and business owners, and their customers, want from the re-built city centre.  This survey is designed to capture property owners' and users' intentions so CERA can help the government and council put the draft Christchurch Central City Plan into action.
As well as seeking input from property and business owners there is also a survey for customers.

A wide range of issues are covered including where you would like to to see retail and business premises located, inner city safety, the highest level building you would be prepared to work in (and presumably be a customer in), and lots else.

The survey starts here. Give it a go.

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