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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Land announcement day

Before the day is over many of us will have received what we've been asking for - an answer on the status of the land, and how that affects us personally.

A few things to keep in mind until we get to see the map:
  • today's announcement covers some of the worst affected areas. Other areas will be added over time. 
  • not all areas have had their geotechnical surveys concluded (there were geotech people measuring things in Cowlishaw and Galbraith streets yesterday). Consequently the status of some addresses could change (most likely to a worse land quality than the initial assessment)
  • not everyone in the named river suburbs will be receiving the package, or at least not in the first round of announcements. This is a deduction based on numbers. Gail has worked out from Government statistics for 2006 that there were just over 7,000 dwellings in the areas named (Bexley, Avondale, Dallington, Burwood - Horseshoe Lake and Avonside - assuming Statistics and CERA use the same geographical boundaries). This number must have increased since 2006 so, with up to 5,000 being offered packages, there must be a balance well in excess of 2,000 which are undecided, on safe ground, or a mixture of both.
  • there is a 9 month period during which you can consider your options. No need to decide anything until you have had a chance to cool off
The key word in the softening-up announcements made last night was offer. Those concerned will be made an offer. Wherever there is an offer there is an opportunity for negotiations. So, if you aren't happy with what is announced, don't worry. There will be time to tackle issues such as valuations and whether the purchasing power of the money offered is sufficient to allow reinstated to something similar to what existed on the 3rd of September.

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