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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weather-proofing and Home heating

Two very up to date websites that may be of interest: Community Energy Action, and CERA.

Community Energy Action

Community Energy Action has a web page Keeping warm after the earthquake, with information and advice for houses damaged by the earthquakes. The information provided is useful and worth a look if your house is not weather tight, has lost heating, or is cold anyway. Their website is here.

Community Energy Action also take an interesting look at the "trojan horse" consequence of having a free heat pump installed. In their view the immediate and long term consequence of having a heat pump is high electricity charges if homes are not insulated at the same time. Read their comments and suggestions about insulation here.


CERA's interim CEO has issued a media release: Winter health and wellbeing top priority.

The media release contains the standard references to services provided by Fletchers/EQR and the Clean Heat Hub. Also included is a recommendation to have a flu shot (I've had mine, have you had one?).

CERA's heating fact sheet, a useful reference, can be downloaded from the bottom of the media release page here.

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