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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

EQC geotech interpretative reports

All the interpretative geotech reports were due out by the end of March. Only two new reports have been released, and nothing in our area.

The reports are based on geotechnical work undertaken last year, which involved analysing data from new and existing boreholes. Despite the February 22nd earthquake the structure of what is under the surface has not changed. How it behaved has been different, and may have altered the thinking of the geotechnical specialists, but what is underneath is still the same. This is reinforced by the absence of any large scale geotech work in the area since last year.

The newly released reports are for:
  • Kaiapoi North
  • Kaiapoi South
These two reports can be found here.

A number of us are keen to understand the makeup of the ground under us so we can better appreciate what decisions are made by EQC and the government, and make informed decisions about what happens to our homes.

Trying to contact EQC over this is unlikely to produce results so I have asked CanCERN for assistance in getting them released. Will keep you posted.

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