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Monday, April 25, 2011

300 posts

This is the 300th post on the blog, and much has happened to and around us in those five and a bit months. What seemed important has receded into the background now that the unimaginable has arrived

For a few there has been tragedy beyond anyone's ability to understand or describe. Despite this, we have all experienced an event we will survive. How we survive, and progress to something new, depends much upon factors outside our control but most significantly on how we see the world around us. The key is whether you see the cup as half empty, half full, or running over.

It may not be possible for all to remain where we now live, and somewhere else may be a good, or daunting, prospect.  Stay or go, want to or not, these decisions will mostly be non-negotiable. What is within our power is how we see things.

Look at the photographs below (click on the link). They were taken on River Road a few days ago, within a few hundred metres of each other, in a time span of minutes. Everything you see is the work of human beings, using the tools, vision, and energy available to them.  What we need to do is have the vision, and then work with everything we have to make it so.

Everything depends on which way you are facing. It is still the same place, how you look changes it.

The first photograph is iconic Christchurch 2011. The others are River Road itself.

Stanmore Road where it crosses River Road

Riverbank, River Road, just above the Stanmore Road bridge
River Road, between Stanmore Road and Fitzgerald Avenue.

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