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Friday, February 4, 2011

Fletchers FAQ - Part 4: deciding what properties get repaired, and when

Item 11, in the Property Owners part of the FAQ, covers how it is decided what properties are repaired, and when. The full text is cited below.

As is often the case there seems to be issues arising: is the process needs based, and what involvement do homeowners have in the decision making process?

Taking the answer at face value, needs are not relevant, and homeowners are not involved in the decision making. The only thing that is important is the efficient use of resources (minimising costs, doing the easy areas first, and getting things done as quickly as possible).  It may well be that the text has not been worded properly; it may also well be this is exactly the way it will happen. Does it matter? To some it may matter very much. More on this in a couple of days.
11. How is it decided which houses are repaired first?
The first Hubs have been set up in areas where we have the most claims information to get started and where there are no land issues that prevent work from starting on houses. They will be set up as quickly as possible as more claims are passed on to us from EQC, contractors are accredited, and land issues become clearer.
We propose to repair small groups of houses at a time, based on geographic areas, such as a particular street or a few adjoining streets.
The order in which streets are repaired within each Hub area is yet to be programmed. It will be determined by the most efficient use of resources.
You can find the FAQ here.

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