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Friday, January 7, 2011

Repair work - Fletchers and Quality Control

Continuing with the quality theme, most of us will be out of our depth trying to determine whether work done on our behalf is of an acceptable quality and if suitable materials have been used.

Those who are "fortunate" enough to have a level of damage that puts us into the $10,000 to $100,000 band, have the opportunity to let Fletchers undertake it all for us. While little has been heard from Fletchers they do seem to be working away in the background.

On the 3rd of November Fletchers posted a newsletter, Information for  Contractors and Tradespeople Update # 1, on their website. Aimed at contractors and tradespeople who may be interested in working with Fletchers it sets out the basics of what will expected of contractors etc. by Fletchers, and what they can expect from Fletchers. The newsletter can be found here.

The topics covered by the newsletter are:
  • Purpose
  • Project management structure
  • Accreditation
  • Legal / contractual
  • Materials
  • Payments and Pricing
  • Insurance 
  • Adherence to Rules
  • Overall intentions
  • Rollout
An interesting insight into how Fletchers see quality issues can be found in the section on materials.
Contractors will use only accredited suppliers and merchants for their building materials and supplies. These suppliers and merchants will have been accredited through Fletcher procedures, so that the supplies are provided to NZ standards, with appropriate warranties, and to a maximum price acceptable to EQC. Suppliers will also have to have information systems that allow Fletcher to track orders placed by contractors for EQC work.
In practice, this means a contractor using (for example) a local ITM store will have a pre-agreed price list for these items, and materials will be supplied with the usual guarantees and warranties.
The major merchants and suppliers are being asked to provide net pricing, with no rebates or loyalty scheme points being applicable. Contractors will be asked to abide by these rules, and to be prepared to have their accounts audited by EQC if required.
It is a requirement that all arrangements be transparent, and instead of a materials rebate all contractors earnings will come from the agreed rates and recoveries (see below).

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