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Monday, December 13, 2010

Road renewal and pothole fixing

The CCC has added more to its webpage Answers to questions raised at recent Council community meetings. This time it covers the planning and timetabling of renewing and repairing roads. The full text is below. The basic points to be taken the new information is:
  • Road renewal will not occur until after sewer and storm water drains are renewed.
  • Road renewal will not start until land remediation has been finished.
  • Resident participation in renewal planning will not occur, roading will be reinstated to the way it was (i.e retain the same street layout). Reinstatement will invariably mean that upgrades or improvements (e.g. speed restricting road designs) are unlikely to be made.
  • Where choices need to be made Council will make these and inform residents about the selected option.
  • Potholes will continue to be repaired as before the earthquake - notify the council of a problem and they will fix it.
  • Child safety issues associated with paths and parks that have been damaged will be done by contractors as part of the Council's infrastructure rebuilding programme.
What is the road renewal timeframe?  Road renewal will follow pipe renewal works.

Are they going to wait for land remediation to occur before roads are replaced?   Yes.

Will the Council repair the roads and underlying ground to prevent vibration damage in the future?  All repairs will have road shape designs and requirements to minimise traffic-induced vibration.

What say will we have in selecting or advocating for a permanent solution and can there be improvements to parking etc?  Asset renewals will generally replicate assets that existed prior to 4 September 2010 using good practice methodologies. Asset renewals will include optimised decision-making and the installation of "modern equivalent" assets, e.g. new style flat street channels as appropriate. Residents will be informed about the selected option.

Can the Council seal the potholes as they appear?   Yes, please report them to the Council on Ph 941 8999.

When infrastructure is done will they upgrade at the same time?  Designs will generally replicate what existed prior to September 2010. Some "modern equivalent" assets will be installed, e.g. new style flat street channels as appropriate. Each site will be considered separately.

Can we get some interim repairs done to the roads in the meantime as they are dangerous?  All emergency work has been completed and all roads should now be safe for the posted speed limits. Final solutions/ timing will be determined by the contractors repairing the Council's infrastructure in each area.

Will streets be redesigned to stop speeding when they are reconstructed?  The street layout will be a renewal of the original layout. Speeds will be monitored following all works and action taken if speed is an issue in the future.

Why is the Council not telling people when the water will be turned off?   There are two reasons for turning the water off: for reactive repairs when there is a burst pipe for instance or for planned work, for instance for the connection of re-laid mains. For reactive work when the Council's contractor turns the water off they ring the Council call centre to let them know so if anyone calls in in there should be a record that the water is off and for how long it is expected to be off. It is not possible or practical to send notices, or inform everyone, every time the water has to be turned off for reactive purposes. For planned shutdowns the contractor doing the work should deliver notices to each household at least 24 hours in advance to notify the residents of the upcoming shut-off.

Can something be done about paths, and safety for kids in parks? Facilities are broken and paths muddy, creating a health and safety issue.   This will be addressed by the contractors rebuilding the Council's infrastructure.

Will street design stay the same?   Yes, the street layout will be a renewal of the original layout.

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